Voice Assessment Screenings
Hear & Evaluate Potential Job Applicants

Voice Matters

Hearing a job applicant speak, can be a powerful tool in analyzing their suitability for certain positions. Having the right tone, cadence, volume etc... are critical in certain roles, and being able to hear a candidate speak, can drastically reduce your applicant screening time. Find top talent faster, by "hearing" your applicants!


  • Purchase The Number of Screenings You Need

  • Fill Out a Few Unique Questions to Ask Applicants

  • Send Applicants your ApplyHear Phone Number & their unique Access Code

  • Hear Their Recording & Review Their Screening Report

Just as you would review a resume, many of our customers require an ApplyHear Audio Screening immediately after job applicants submit their application. Why?
1) This extra step will weed out the less sincere applicants
2) You can hear the applicants speak, allowing you to screen candidates quickly and efficiently

What is Included?

When you buy an ApplyHear audio screening, we provide you with a unique telephone number / access code for each candidate, and once they complete their screening call, you will receive their audio recordings, call assessment report, call rating, and more! You can choose what questions to ask them, or pick from any of our pre-written options.

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We have hired hundreds of employees across a number of businesses. And sometimes, the quickest way to shortlist a customer service rep or a new sales agent is to hear them talk. But there simply is not enough time to meet 1on1 with every applicant. So, we built this tool for ourselves. It works great for us. And now we're hoping it can help you too!


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